*Sneak Peek* for the final part of Film I Shot In Honduras!

Yep, youuuu guessed it. I still have more! I was going back through the original folder of my film photos and realized, hey how did I miss these photos? I can do this. I can share these. The last month or so has been kinda crazy, so I have not been able to get all the Honduras film shown as soon as I had hoped. This is just a sneak peek for Saturday morning’s post, which will have Film I Shot in Honduras: Part 5. To see the previous posts, click here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4. Just to refresh – during the second week of June, I was in Cantarranas, Honduras with a team from my church and our purpose was to support a local pastor and his congregations. Some of our team were able to reconnect with friends they had made in the town during previous trips.

Continue reading to find out how my business has recently been blessed!


During July, my business has been blessed. Near the beginning of the month, a designer from Riggs Ward contacted me that they want to use a photo of mine in a Harrisonburg, Virginia installation. I went to JMU for my undergraduate degree and back in 2009, I took a black and white photo of the old Rockingham Cooperative building there in Harrisonburg on West Grace Street. The building has been torn down for new university real estate, but there will still be a bus stop there. JMU has contracted the design firm to design a commemorative installation featuring history on a wrap around exhibit that will be installed around the bus stop. Today, I received payment in the mail for the use of my photo. I feel so blessed to contribute to the community and to have income to invest into my dreams.

Furthermore, I have an upcoming high school senior portrait session. I am looking forward to getting to know this acquaintance better and showing off her beauty! I have also had a family portrait inquiry that I hope to follow through with. Most of my inquiries at the moment are from friends and acquaintances. I am thankful for this, because it helps me comfortably transition into doing more portrait photography. So thank you SO much for your interest in my work! I am blessed.

And on a sort of random note, I am enjoying expanding my Spanish vocabulary through an interactive app on my smartphone. I am not sure if I will take Spanish classes this fall, so I thought I could find another way to work on my vocabulary that was not trying to study a textbook (boo! boring!). It is an app produced by MindSnacks. I am curious to know just how much I can learn through this app.

Thank you also for viewing today’s post! I hope you will return for Part 5 of Film I Shot in Honduras!


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