(Finally!) Film I Shot in Honduras: Part 4

Whew. I almost forgot that I have a few more 35mm color negative film photos to share with you! Yes, my trip was over a month ago (already?!). July has been a busy month – so much so absent-mindness has caused a few problems. To recap Honduras, I went there with a group from my church to help support Flavio & Angie’s ministry in Cantarranas (also known as San Juan de Flores). To see the previous posts, click here: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

I believe the image below is of the Bortolo church where my home church has funded a feeding center. The service we had there was packed full of members from the community. I wish we could have spent time getting to know some of them, but we left fairly quickly after the service.

This rock has John 3:16 in Spanish.

We did a roadside service in Yamaguarde. This house was across the road from the service.

In my previous Honduras posts, I have mentioned Angie. The couple below is Angie’s father and mother-in-law.

There is ruggedness to Honduras, but there is also beauty.

Did you know that cashews grow on the outside of yellow fruit? The fruit part is edible as well.

We spent part of one day in Valle de Angeles. We split off into groups to get lunch and to do a bit of shopping. Sunshine, Josh, and I got delicious pupusas for lunch at the restaurant shown below. They were cooked out in the open air and brought into the dining tables.

Honduras has the most ridiculous phone lines I have ever seen. It almost seems like half of them go nowhere.


Thank you for viewing today’s post! I hope you have enjoyed my Honduras film photo series. Street photography + travel is a passion of mine – and getting to do missionary work along the way is such a blessing.


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