Something New! ~ Genna + David {Maternity}

It has been a busy, exciting week! Between barista work, meetings, a surprise party, physical therapy, hiking, photo-editing and blogging… I bring to you: something new! Since this portrait session is a gift to Genna and David, I thought I would provide both the style in which I normally edit and also a new style! I had a bit of fun trying a new way of post-processing photos. To see the SmugMug gallery of how I would normally edit my photos, click here. Otherwise, I hope you will enjoy looking through the new style below.

Oh, did you catch that little bit about a “surprise party?” Our workplace held a baby shower Friday for Genna! Heather made a wonderful cake and big card (which we all signed with our love and lots of “We’re going to miss youuuu!!”). We also had balloons, mineral water, sparkling cider, and lots of laughs! David came and joined us too! This couple is AWESOME and is so much fun to be around.

These two have so much fun together!

Something my dad always says is that when I was born, my feet were as small as his thumb. I thought that this next image would be a great way to remember baby Adele’s tiny feet!

We had fun!


I like this one in black and white too!

Baby Adele would move around every time David talked to her and tickled Genna’s stomach. This photo is definitely a keeper!

To see more of these special edits, click on any image above and it will link you to the *Special Edit* gallery! Thank you so much for viewing today’s post. Feel free to leave comments below! What do you think about this new editing style? How do you know Genna and David?

Next week on the blog, I will sharing another installment of my Shapes and Spaces of Charlottesville street photography project. To see previous posts, click Belmont, West Main, and Downtown. This project is a year-long exploration of my hometown and I plan to compile the best images into a book or magazine! I hope to share next week about an exciting new project I look forward to participating in with JMU and a Richmond design firm. Stay tuned.

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