Film I Shot In Honduras: Part 3

If any of my readers live in the Charlottesville-Albemarle area, my church (First Baptist Church) is having a Honduras-style service at 9:15am this Sunday at 735 Park Street. Our team will be reporting on our experiences in Honduras with the schools, churches, and Flavio’s ministry. We will be outside and behind the church on the lower grass lot under a tent for this service.

For those of you who are really just here for the photos (it is okay! I am glad to have you here!), below I will share with you more of the color film I took in Honduras. Photos are not necessarily shown chronologically. Please remember that these photos are part of my business portfolio. Please do not save or print any copies of these photos. Thank you!

This next photo was taken at one of the schools we visited. We did responsive songs, made bracelets, did Bible story skits, and shared about our lives in the US with the students. I think the kids had a lot of fun doing something new in class and watching us foreigners acting a bit humorously.

If you look closely in this photo, you will see the center boy grinning at something going on beyond me. Isn’t he cute!

These girls came each day that we help VBS in Tomatin. They look a bit color coordinated, don’t they? Our VBS days had three groups based on age and they would rotate between story-time, crafts, and recreation.

This is Flavio, Angie, Helen, Danny, and Joseph in front of their home in Cantarranas. They were so kind and hospitable to us during our stay. Angie and her helpers fixed almost all of our meals. Angie went above and beyond in making sure our team was well cared for.

And the yellow church at the end of the street is Flavio’s church. He is a pastor there and also mentors churches in nearby villages.

There is still more film to share! Part 4 will be posted next week. Look for a post featuring Genna & David’s maternity session this Saturday (fingers crossed!). It is a busy week, but I am trying to get everything done in good timing for those of who are waiting for Honduras film photos and the maternity session. Thank you for your patience and your kind comments! If you are wondering where the last two film posts are, click here: Part 1 and Part 2. Part 2 also has a sneak peak into the maternity session.

Thank you for viewing today’s post! I hope you will return to see more.


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