Film I Shot in Honduras: Part 2 + *Sneak Peek!* Genna+David {Maternity}

This upcoming week is going to be busy and I do not foresee having time to write up two separate posts (in addition to Wednesday and Saturday posts), so I hope you will bear with me while I share Part 2 of the Honduras film AND a Sneak Peak into Genna & David’s maternity session.

In regards to the Honduras film photos, I would like to remind my readers that these film images are a part of my business portfolio. I know a few of my trip teammates are enjoying my film photos, but I would like put a reminder here to not save or print any copies of these images. They are protected by copyright law – this is also applicable to my maternity photos. Thank youuuu!! (However, teammates – I will give you free copies of my Honduras digital photos if you would like any.)

First off, I would like to share the Sneak Peak! This was my very first maternity session and I had so much fun working with Genna & David! Genna is my co-worker at Starbucks and she is due to have baby Adele at the end of July. They are living on a beautiful country farm outside of Charlottesville. I was quite taken with the conservatory glass and the stone wall with the flowering hostas. In the full post of the maternity photos, you will see how much joy Genna has – she loves to smile and laugh!

Here is the next set of Honduras film photos that are ready to share! I have been so busy, but I am glad to be able to share some. Photos are not shown chronologically. If you missed Part 1, click here.


These next two photos are of the Catholic church that is in the center of Cantarranas. It is very old. Several of my teammates were able to take beautiful photos of its interior.

This is Pastor Flavio’s home. It is a popular hangout for local children as well as missionaries. We partnered with his ministry while we stayed in his village.

Oh as soon as I can, I will also share my Fourth of July photos! I had a great time with my best friend’s family and their guests all day on the fourth. We had a cookout between rain showers and enjoyed sparklers after dark. Sometime this week, I will share those photos as well. I know you may be thinking…. Honduras, maternity, and the Fourth of July… that is all such different content!! Is this photographer having an identity crisis? I embrace both street photography/photojournalism and lifestyle photography, because the former is my foremost passion and the latter is what provides income to my business. In a way, they are similar. They both tell the stories of everyday individuals and the beautiful aspects of life that may often be overlooked.

Thank you for viewing today’s post! I hope you will return for this week’s other posts!


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