It’s here! ~ Film I Shot In Honduras: Part I

This week has been rather busy! I am still playing catch up trying to get everything done – including a blog post done showing at least some of my Honduras film! It has been quite an adventure working with Lomography color negative film. It was the first time I have used this brand. I find it has both pros and cons for how I like to work. I also discovered that shooting in almost auto on my film slr meant that I missed out on some of the aspects I love about working in fully manual. However, I do hope that you will enjoy looking at my trip’s film! My team and I had a lot of fun working with churches in Cantarranas and nearby villages.

>> Please do not save or print any copies of these images. They are a part of my business portfolio and protected by copyright law. Thanks! <<

Anyway, here are the first few I have ready to show. Make sure to check out the Sneak Peak as well! (Photos are not shown chronologically.)

I wish the truck was not in the background of this next image or that I had used a smaller f/stop…. but I like that this mother did not mind me taking a photo of her and the little girl.

Thank you for stopping by today to look at the first part of my Honduras film! More to come!


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