Memorial Day Weekend: Part I

Snare drum roll please….. here are the photos from my Memorial Day weekend adventures! I joined family and relatives that Saturday for a cookout by my uncle’s lake. Ate lots of good food! And I also enjoyed good company, kayaking, exploring, and playing with their dog. The following three days, I went out to my grandpa’s cabin for a bit of vacation with my dad. It is a perfect spot for vacationing, because there is no phone service and no plugs – so goodbye contact with the world! It is fantastic to literally unplug from electronic communications for a bit. I, of course, could not put my camera down too much. My dad and I hiked, went fishing, and did a bit of exploring by the big creek that runs through the valley.

Actually, I have decided to split the weekend into two posts, because one post would be too long and take a while for most computers to load. I will post “Part II” on Monday – and I hope that you will come around for my cabin trip photos!

Here below are photos from my family’s cookout:

Can I please have more of this food?!

Oh yep, those loud cicadas are out by the millions! My sister and I are not afraid of bugs, so we *might* have picked up a cicada! Their wings are actually really beautiful.

Thank you for coming to look through my post today! Hope you are enjoying your weekend and staying cool despite these hot days!


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