*Sneak Peek!* Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend, I enjoyed four days off from work and spending time with family out in the great outdoors. On the first day, I joined my family and relatives for a picnic out at my uncle’s place. He has a nice property out in the middle of nowhere. The property originally only had a little cabin and a boat house by the small lake, but now he has built his own home up the hillside from the water. We all enjoyed grilled hotdogs and hamburgers, sides, fishing, walking along the water, and going out in the boats.

The following three days, my dad and I went out to my grandpa’s cabin property. We went fishing and hiking out there as well. It was so nice to have a four day weekend where I could spend time outdoors, turn off my phone and get away from daily routine!

Here is a sneak peek of to a photo post that will come later on in the week:

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