The AT at Lynchburg

I went on a weekend retreat to Eagle Eyrie with young adults from my church back in January. We enjoyed games, a log fire, Bible studies led by Dr. Bor, and a hike along the Appalachian Trail. It was cold in the shade of the mountain, but we found interesting places like rock faces with frozen waterfalls. These images were taken with my Canon film slr and Kodak Tri-X film.

I was noticing that the leading lines in most of these photos lead your eye to the right. This was accidental and mostly because of how the subject matter lent itself to being composed within each shot. So anyway, we walked across a wooden and metal bridge that connects the trail across the river and runs parallel to a train bridge and then perhaps a mile or so along the trail as it ran along the river. While hiking, a very long cargo trail passed with easily 100 cars in tow.

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