Engaged {Joel + Rebecca}

I had the privilege a week ago of photographing Joel and Rebecca for their engagement. I have known them for a few years now through our church in Charlottesville. Rebecca is just about to graduate from the University of Virginia and they will be starting an exciting life together this summer. They love the outdoors, so the Chris Green Lake area was a perfect place to meet them for this session. Here are photos from our time together:

We took a walk through the woods along one of the park trails – in search of beautiful trees and nice evening lighting. I had never been to the area before and I think I will definitely be revisiting a few times this summer! It is a nice large park area with woods, a lake, trails, a pier, and other attractions. We had great, sunny and comfortably cool, weather. I love the colors of spring – colorful flowers and new leaves that are lime green.

During the editing of these photos, I realized that having a reflector during the session would have been an advantage for keeping their faces illuminated while the sun was behind them. Hopefully, as my business grows this spring, I can afford to buy one! Also I think my camera would have a much easier time focusing if I was not trying to focus and meter on areas that are much darker than the sun. Just a little technicality that photographers consider! If you missed Wednesday’s post with Christine’s portraits, click here.

Thank you for stopping by to see these engagement photos and read my post(s)! You are wonderful for doing so!


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