Greenhouse Coffee + Free Coffee??

Last fall, I visited Greenhouse Coffee in Crozet with a few friends. It is near the center of town across the street from the Rescue Squad building. It was one of the days I happened to have my film camera with me. Many of you may know that I have an ongoing project featuring photos from everyday life – here are four more!

My life lately just about revolves around coffee! I work part-time at Starbucks and one of my main duties is keeping the brewed coffee fresh – which means brewing it over and over and over! I do not usually drink coffee on days I have work because I try to avoid having caffeine in my system on work days, but I do drink coffee on my off days! Like today! Today’s cup of joe was Starbucks Pikes Place medium roast with a scoop of Dunkin Donut’s decaf coffee thrown in. Sadly I totally ruined it with yucky flavored creamer. I am all for hazelnut flavors, but it just was not very good today.

What is your favorite Starbucks coffee?

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