Does anyone else find this winter’s weather strange? Three winters ago, we had two blizzards in a row. This winter we have barely an inch at a time and every couple of weeks it gets warm. Totally opposite of the recent snowstorm in New England. If it is going to be cold and messy, I prefer a heavy snowfall rather than wintery mixes that just freeze on the roads.

So in other news, I have processed another batch of black and white film images that I took last year. These are from one of my summer trips out into the highlands near the state border. There is usually striking lighting coming down in through the tree canopies. Here is my take on what I saw:

Clicking on these images will take you to one of my SmugMug galleries.

Currently it looks as though the next few months should hold working at my two jobs, spring engagement photos, and working more in film. I am near finishing up a second roll and will then move on to developing, processing, and blogging. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I did enter a photography contest with Black and White magazine. I did get notice that they received my entry. At some point this year, the portfolio I submitted should be posted online. And if I am lucky, maybe I will actually place in the contest.


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