New Year’s Eve Party – 1920s Murder Mystery

My friends’ annual New Year’s party was themed 1920s murder mystery. For the most part, everyone dressed the part and played along with the game. I have had a bad cold the past couple of days and I braved the party to take advantage of the photo opportunity. And I have edited the photos and written this post under the influence of DayQuil, so I can only hope that this collection of images has turned out well. For those of you who attended, I hope you enjoy! (Disclaimer: All cigarettes and guns are props!)


One of the challenges of photographing the party, besides feeling dizzy, was the very low lighting. Thankfully, my f/1.2 50mm is a fast lens that works well in challenging lighting. As you can see, even though I shot in digital, I have chosen to make this collection black and white to reflect the time period.


To see more photos, visit my SmugMug gallery. I don’t think I captured everyone that attended, for that I apologize, but I thought that everyone’s costumes were great! Feel free to share this post and the photo gallery on Facebook and Twitter so your friends can see your great costume!

Thank you for reading and stopping by! Happy New Year!

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