Revisiting Photos: Black and White Editing

In lieu of losing a computer and gaining a new one, and the down time from blogging, I have decided to rework some older photos on my new laptop – that is, take a fresh look. What better time to revisit images than when you have had ample time away from them? Usually, I reserve black and white photography for my film work, but I thought that I would try it out in my new software and my new laptop. Here are some recent edits that I have been working on:

I chose these images for their different methods of lighting and textures. The first two are my favorite of the batch. These images connect to my SmugMug account (usually I connect to my Flickr account). I am kinda kicking myself for always connecting to Flickr, since now I want to discontinue my Pro account, which will affect all the images I have embedded into blog posts… yikes. Well, at least, I got a few free months as a holiday gift. SmugMug is in a league of its own above Flickr when it comes to sharing and protecting photography. Flickr still remains a decent avenue for search traffic and I have been contacted a couple of times by a university through Flickr (they published two of my photos in their quarterly magazine). I think I will start linking to my SmugMug account in my future blog posts.

I still have yet to transfer my old laptop’s hard drive data to my new laptop. There were like 3 final copies of photos on there that did not make it to one of my private back up SmugMug galleries…. they are part of a set that I wanted to blog about. Otherwise than that, I have not been doing much with photography lately (no recent digital shoots – waiting on finishing up two rolls of film). I did, however, enter my best Costa Rica 35mm film photos to Black & White for their portfolio contest. Wish me luck?

Thank you so much for stopping by! Hope you will say hello and maybe provide some feedback on these black and white images. And if I do not post again this year, I hope you have a happy and safe beginning to the new year!

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