End-Of-The-Year Goals

Mom's Flowers (Mobile Photos)

Over the past couple of months:

– I have been networking more, meeting new people, and getting more involved in events around town.

– My business is registered and insured.

– Finances got tight with some medical bills, but diligence is paying off. (i.e. I have effectively budgeted income vs. expenses.)

– Participated in workforce classes at the local community college.


Goals for Novemeber & December:

– Buy film developing chemicals for my 5 rolls of Kodak Tri-X film. Then develop & blog about ’em. Maybe even sell prints?

– Set up Etsy store to sell my handmade sewn items, photo prints, and some handmade jewelry.

– Find a part-time or full-time job to supplement income to finance business expansion and branding.

– Get business name and info into business pamphlet at church.

– Work on the blog’s appearance.

– Design new/updated/formal business cards.

– Book more clients.

– Practice, practice, practice.

– Have fun.

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