Pumpkin Carving

Monday evening, I met some friends from church to carve pumpkins for Halloween. Ivan provided us with some yummy pumpkin-themed baked goods. You may note that Josh, Ivan, and I all embraced our inner nerd. Josh’s pumpkin has laboratory flasks and molecules, Ivan’s is the Hoover Dam (he’s an engineer), and mine has a roll of film.

Laboratory Science, Film Photography, & Electrical Engineering

Below are images of our snacks, our carving, and our pumpkins! When I took mine home and lit it after carving the backside, I found that it projected the images onto surfaces!


Pumpkin Pie


Josh & Sunshine

My Pumpkin Carved Out

Ivan Carving Out

I want to try roasting seeds this year! (Ivan was kind enough to add some of his seeds to my stash.)

Saving Pumpkin Seeds for Roasting

Pumpkin insides are kinda slimy…

Ew, Innards!

Yep, it is the Hoover Dam.

Hoover Dam

Josh was really working hard on his design.

Josh Carving

Here is mine! Carved it with a big kitchen knife… slowly, but surely.

Film Photography Pumpkin

Kodak Film Roll

Boo on the Leader

Electrical Engineering Pumpkin (Hoover Dam)


Laboratory Science Pumpkin

Laboratory Science, Film Photography, & Electrical Engineering

Spooky Pumpkin

I am not really sure how to photograph illuminated pumpkins… kitty approves either way.

Cat Approval

Illuminated Pumpkin Design

Kodak Film Pumpkin


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