Why Leaving Facebook Was The Right Choice

When I was using Facebook, I would spend hours going through photography pages, my friends’ profiles, looking at my newsfeed… not only was I wasting time, but I found that I was comparing myself to others. In some moderation this can inspire you to improve yourself, but it was not doing that for me. I was discouraged. My Facebook business page was a disaster. No one was commenting on or sharing its content. Sure people would tell me in person that they loved my work and I gain clients through word-of-mouth, but I was not seeing the interactions I wanted. So I left. I was wasting my time marketing through my Facebook business page if it was not being a fruitful venue.

Since I left Facebook, I have friends saying, “Oh you’ve left?! Let me promote you on my profile! Just send me a link to share.” Not only is that link being seen by my friend, but it is being seen by all their friends. And each friend of mine has a different group of friends… If two people post a link, that link may reach 1,000 new viewers. People all over the United States, Spain, and elsewhere are now seeing my work! I went from an average of maybe 8-15 blog views per day to 67 views in one day when I had two friends share that day’s post link.

Sure I could be on Facebook and still have people share links to my blog, but right now, this is what is working well for me… and I am happy to off of Facebook. I am still using Facebook indirectly through my friends, and right now, this is beneficial and a fruitful marketing choice. Once I build my client base enough to generate traffic and demand on Facebook, I may return there. Until then, you can find me here and through my other links.

This choice may not benefit every business out there. It really depends on where your business stands and your market. Some people utilize Facebook very effectively, others like me who don’t, find using it indirectly to be the better choice.


In other news:

A new portrait session package that I offer is the Artist Mini-Session. I want to promote other local artists here on my blog! Let’s network and market together. Click the Portrait tab in the top navigation bar for more details!

Stay tuned for a Featured Artist post. It is going live at 12pm ET today!

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