Disney Castle Cake by Sweet Cakes

This post is a continuation of my previous post about Victoria’s birthday party. Below are photos of her Disney castle cake that was made by Marilyn of Sweet Cakes (Charlottesville, Virginia).

Disney Castle Cake 1 Detail of the Cake 2

Disney Castle Cake 2

Detail of the cake 1

First Reaction Surprised birthday girl!

Love it. Prince & Princess

Gus Gus


Princess & the Castle

Talking About The Cake

Castle Flags



Lighting The Candles Wishing

Blowing Out The Candles May your wish come true.

Plate & Glass




Cake Consumption

Time To Eat Cake


Do not download/save, copy, crop, reproduce, or otherwise utilize these images without written permission (unless you are embedding linked images to your blog and you provide credit.) All images are Copyright (c) Sarah Derr Photography. Thank you!


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