Sneak Peek: Birthday Party!

What to expect this week on the blog:

 Birthday party photos: lots of portraits and a custom-made Disney castle cake.

– Feature post: A painter who paints large scale fantasy illustrations. He is proficient in photoshop illustrations, painting, and drawing. This week’s post will show him working on a painting that he hopes to take to IlluXCon in November.

Last night, I attended my best friend’s surprise birthday celebration. We had SO much fun and I was glad for an excuse to tote around my camera. Here are the first two photos from last night:

Victoria's Birthday: Roses   Victoria's Birthday: Decorations

Learning from mistakes…. I had my white balance setting wrong on my camera – eek! Laziness then = work now. Getting skin tones from yellow-orange back to normal is a pain. But so far, the damage is not so bad, just tedious. I mostly work in Aperture and one of the presets is doing half of the work for me. Whew.

Also check out this post if you have the time: Fundraiser!

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