Last night, I had the idea to sell prints to raise income for my business and in turn be able to purchase much-needed equipment sooner. Hopefully, there are a few people out there who like my work and find this cause worthy! The idea is 8×10 prints for $21 each (this includes sales tax) and all of the profits go towards investing into future purchases (like the zoom lens I really need to buy, because all I have right now is a 50mm f/1.2 lens for my Mark II!).

Below are the images that I am considering for this fundraiser. I have selected these thinking that they may work in someone’s kitchen, hallway, bathroom, mudroom, etc. (Prints will not have my watermark.)

Cherries, Peaches, Potatoes, and Strawberries



Flower Display

Mahonia Holly

Japanese Maple


Horse, Black and White

From Above

Fall Leaves

Fall Maple Leaves 2


Highland County 2

Highland County


Surfacing  Colonnades

Leave a comment on this post or email me at if you are interested. Also if you know of an image that I have posted in the past that you like, just let me know! It would be preferable to get at least 5-6 prints sold (not necessarily to the same person) so I can get them printed and shipped at the same time to save on costs.

All prints will be professional lab quality and archival. Please note that the images above have a ratio of 2:3 and an 8×10 has a ratio of 4:5, so the final print dimension will be slightly different than what you see here.

Thank you!

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