Business Update

Some of you may notice that I am trying out a new theme for my blog. It is not a custom one, but since I know some html (self-taught over the years), I may try to customize the posts individually. I think the default font is too light and too big.

Testing, testing html codes.

I have been making a lot of lists lately in my photo journal*… to do, done, and what to be excited about. It kinda keeps me grounded and is a visual way to see what is going on. Yesterday, I ordered some little custom stickers that I can use to brand packages to clients.** I find that my brief experience in college with graphic design and my artistic sense of aesthetics is helping with personalizing my business. (Of course, it also helps when you have good friends that are graphic designers and fellow artists to springboard ideas off of.)

Today’s “Things To Be Excited About:” list includes:
–Business stickers
–A new person asking for my business card and wanting to display a few in her own business (you’re the best!)
–New blog theme/appearance & exploring html more in-depth
–First official client package in the works (wedding gift for a friend) – including professional lab prints, business stickers, and personalizing packaging.
–Proof meeting for the senior portraits tomorrow

*Photo Journal: Something that my college professors got me started on and a practice that I continue with today. This is a great way to document and visualize things going on with your artistic endeavors. I keep track of my to do lists, my visual inspirations, notes, and among other things in my journal. It is a great counterpart to my blog as a way to look into the past and present.

**Online Purchasing: I highly, highly recommend Googling discount codes before you buy anything online. I have probably saved a couple hundred dollars over the years doing this (especially for college-related purchases). I just saved $2 off of my sticker purchase by finding an applicable discount code, and on my business card purchase I found a code for free shipping. Just be careful what sites you visit. I try to avoid sites that require you to click a link to get the code (just doesn’t seem like a safe idea).


In other news, I have returned to physical therapy for my back and my newish insurance policy does not like that I have a “pre-existing condition.” Hurrrrrumph. It has been a frustrating few years of battling my back problems…. there are issues in each section (cervical, thoracic, and lumbar) of my back, which makes recovery expensive and prolonged. If you are the praying kind :), I would really appreciate a bit of prayer said on my behalf. Between my recovery expenses and trying to start a business, the state of my savings can be a bit discouraging. I am really passionate about photography and the sooner things can pick up and go well, the sooner I can pay off medical bills and invest in my future.

Here is an older photo that I have not posted before on my blog — I thought I would share it since all text posts are kinda boring.


This is Emma and she was really intrigued by the camera’s shutter. 🙂

Thank you for reading!

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