Senior Portraits

Let’s keep this post simple…. Here is a quick alliterative overview of the photoshoot:

Who: Victoria, high school senior

What: senior portraits session

When: Saturday evening, about two hours before sunset

Weather: overcast and about 20 seconds of sunshine

Where: Crozet, Virginia – by the firehouse and behind a coffee shop!

Why: yearbook photo, portraits for the family

Woes: bug bites (mosquitos and other biting bugs are abundant right now because of the rains) and relatively low lighting


Here are some of the resulting images from our time in Crozet (more on Flickr, SmugMug, and Facebook):

Victoria (15 of 17) Victoria (13 of 17)

Victoria (14 of 17)

Victoria (12 of 17) Victoria (9 of 17)

Victoria (4 of 17)

Victoria (10 of 17) Victoria (6 of 17)

Victoria (1 of 17)

In preview mode of this post, the vertical portraits are not paired together on the same line like they are during editing. I hope they will be in the final posting. So much for html… I find that WordPress has a mind of its own.

In other news, autumn is on its way in. Although we have a heavy muggy warm front laying over the area right now, there have been a few mornings that feel like autumn. I am looking forward to wearing scarves and layers. Not to mention, hot cider, fall leaves and apple picking. Now if we could just avoid winter’s freezing temperatures…

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