Out In The Mountains

wood pile

So I split wood this week… Oh no, not the pile you see above. I split 2x4s and the like with a hatchet into kindling for the wood stoves in the cabin. I went out there for the weekend to help a work party renovating the flooring inside. It was surprisingly cool, even cold, there this past weekend. The temperatures were in the 50’s and 60’s, which was a really nice change from the heat in central Virginia.

Here is a brilliant blue butterfly chillin’ like a villain…


Other images I took over the weekend…

creek crossing

reaching for the light


three pine trees


For more, visit my Flickr.

Additional side notes/reading:

In other news, I ordered and received my business cards. They are actually called “minicards” and I find that I kinda really like them. They are a heavy weight, have good image quality, and they are a good bookmark size (smaller than a regular business card). I have not taken a photo of them, but maybe I will take one and tack it on the end of a post in the future.

I also stopped by Michael’s today to get two hardcover Strathmore sketchbooks on sale – buy one get one for 1¢. I am a lover of all things Moleskine, but realistically, Strathmore is more affordable and it is of good quality as well.

>>>Thank you to Jessica for recently referring one of her clients to me! Need a graphic designer? Think of Jessica. 🙂

Here is a brief flashback of other times I have been out in the mountains:

35mm film: grandpa walking



Here is a bit of humor from the Non Sequitur comic:

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