At Work

My part-time seasonal job for three years (four summers) has been gardening on a farm north of town. Last night it rained and cooled local temperatures and since that usual means fog the next morning, I made sure to take my camera to work today. Work usually starts about 7:30am and I find that I really like being outside at this time of day.

Morning drops of dew

The air is heavy with fog

Crickets and birds sound

Foggy mornings out at the farm always make me think of the field scene in the more recent Pride & Prejudice movie when Mr. Darcy is walking through the field towards the Bennet house. This scene can be seen about thirty seconds to a minute into this clip:

Pride & Prejudice

Here are some photos that I took this morning:



at work

grass gone to seed

morning fog on the hillside

Castor Bean

Crepe Myrtle peeling

Mrs. K

Peter working... and not too sure.


Here is a photo of mine that Trane should use for an advertisement:

this could be a Trane advertisement

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed today’s post. 🙂 Other places online to see some of my work include Facebook, Tumblr, & Flickr (links in sidebar).

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