Marriage. Marriage is what brings us together… today.

The Princess Bride reference, anyone? Anyone?

A friend of mine from church got married today. It was a nice ceremony and reception. Her dad [and I think her now-husband’s dad] helped conduct the ceremony – her dad made us laugh a few times (Pastor Mark, we should hear more from you on Sunday mornings!). Anyway, I took a few photos, which can be seen below. It was good to reconnect with some of my peers and their parents during the reception. It has been five years since I have really attended this church due to living away in another town, so I have lost touch with a lot of friends from my days in youth group. Butttttt now I am back and hope to really get involved again in the Charlottesville community.



Check out this really awesome Yoda cake! His body had cake inside and apparently his head was full of Rice Krispies.

Groom's Cake (?)

Wedding Cake

Bride's Cake (?)

Check out the other paparazzi (on the left is the hired photographer):


All Smiles

Centerpiece - Colossians 3:14



Cale and Katie

After the wedding, I met up with one of my neighbors… well, former… we have both grown up and started living in apartments and being…. adults (when did that happen??). I have known Yarden for about 15 years. She is dog sitting tonight over in a house near UVA and we took a walk over to the university’s colonnades arena area. It was a nice walk, except for one of Virginia’s faults…. high humidity combined with high temperatures. Which really just means you are miserable when you are not even trying to break a sweat. Here are two photos that I took at the Colonnades before we made a beeline for air conditioning:


Crack Along The Row

We went down to The Corner to find dinner and stopped in Trinity Irish Pub for sandwiches. It was rather empty… I guess the crowd shows up after dinnertime for the nightlife. The dinner prices were reasonable if anyone needs a dinner idea in Charlottesville. Although if you go to The Corner, you will find that parking is a headache….

Not sure when I will post again. The dream is to one day be doing enough to post 2+ times a week on a regular basis (wedding photographer some day?). As always, you can find updates here on my blog as well as on my Facebook page and on Tumblr. There are links to these sites at the top of the right sidebar. Thank you for reading!

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