Film really should be more popular.

Last night, I finally scanned in three rolls of film that I had taken over the course of the last year. Two rolls of film are still undeveloped because stores do not have the chemicals for them – I will have to develop them myself (yay!). Soooo film should definitely be more popular, because it is awesome…. Anyway, here are the best photos from the developed rolls!

Here are a few photos that I took last fall at my old apartment complex when I used to live in Harrisonburg:

Madison Square (35mm film)

Leaves (35mm film)

Maple Leaves (35mm film)

Madison Square (35mm film)

Here are a few photos I took at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art whenever it was when I was there last.

VMFA (35mm film)

VMFA (35mm film)

VFMA (35mm film)

Photos from visiting a farm that produces maple syrup in Highland County as well as my stay at Grandpa’s cabin:

Maple Syrup Vat (35mm film)

Worker by the Maple Syrup (35mm film)

Maple Syrup Houses (35mm film)

Highland County (35mm film)

Double Exposure? (35mm film)

The photo above looks like a double exposure… not sure how that was achieved. The shutter in my camera must have stuck once?

Springtime at the Cabin (35mm film)

Grandpa and Dad (35mm film)

In the photo above, my grandpa and dad are poking around in a collapsed water spring entrance.

As several of my readers may know, I attended a workshop back in March. Here are some photos from that adventure:

Charity (35mm film - 1 of 7)

Charity (35mm film - 2 of 7)

Charity (35mm film - 3 of 7)

Charity (35mm film - 4 of 7)

Charity (35mm film - 5 of 7)

Charity (35mm film - 6 of 7)

Charity (35mm film - 7 of 7)

Whew! Okay, just a few more photos – from my beach trip earlier this year. This set was taken by a disposable camera I had picked up on a sale table at a local Urban Outfitters – the roll had images imposed on the film.

Maria and Me (35mm film)

Beach (UO 35mm film)

LOL at the Beach (35mm film)

Friends (35mm film)

Friends (35mm film)

Here’s a highly unflattering image….

Maria and Me (35mm film)


Stone Maze (35mm film)

Self Portrait (35mm film)

Sometimes color film comes out dark and highly saturated so these images had to be edited a little to make them balanced and somewhat realistic (bright pink and orange hues did not strike me as all that appealing in some shots). Otherwise than that, the only edit was to photoshop out some dust that had gotten scanned with the film (it was unsightly in the some areas)…. ideally I would have a low-dust space to work, but I definitely do not at the moment. A little dust is fine by me because it is part of the language of film.

So there you go, an update on what I have been doing lately. I have had a few people ask me if I have had any more exhibits, which I have not…. but I really would like to compile a body of work to show somewhere locally. That is part of a self-assignment I have had on the back burned this summer that I hope to do this fall.

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