Easter Weekend

My parents and I visited with relatives over at my aunt’s house on Saturday. We all ate lots of food and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Here are a couple of photos from Saturday:

Sweat Pea:
Sweat Pea

Sweat Pea LPOV

Nancy's Countryside

Grandpa and Uncle Bruce:
Son Like Father


The rest of the weekend, I spent time with my family. Mom and I went to the library book sale in Charlottesville and I picked up a few more books to read. I am currently reading The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards. It is a good read even though it is so sad. It is an interesting perspective into the 1960s/70s.

I went to the Easter morning service at church, which had a pretty good sermon by Pastor Lindsey. It is always nice to sit in the sanctuary and people watch and see all the families I have come to know over the years. People sure have grown and changed since my family first joined the church back in the 90’s. And since I have been living away for a few years now, the change is really apparent. And good ol’ Dale sitting where he always does and always cheerfully greeting everyone. I am pretty sure my mom told me he is the architect of the church. He seems to be around 90 years old now. He is always one of the highlights of coming home and going to the Sunday morning services.

I also spent time with my best friend’s family. Lots of shenanigans there, as always. Friday night when I drove home from their place out in the country, it was a clear night with a full moon and stars. The moon was just rising and I listened to Tony Bennett… my drive home was like a movie. I also saw the family Sunday evening. Liz was visiting too. Liz, Maria, and Victoria tried to teach me the card game Munchkin…. I am still not won over (shhh… don’t tell them!). It is supposed to be like you are fighting monsters and such. Some parts of the game of the game were fun, but others just left me thinking that I was wasting my time.

In conclusion, the weekend was beautiful and it was nice to catch up with people that I have not seen lately. My car is turning a sickly shade of green because of all the pollen this year. My car is a light blue and is definitely not meant to look the color of I-am-sick-and-have-green-mucus. Oh it is nasty. But as long as thousands of trees are blooming, I am not going to wash my car. It would be rather futile.

This upcoming weekend should have a couple of photo shoots. I have enlisted a couple of friends to help me build my portraiture portfolio. Let us hope for good weather!

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