playing with new things

So I am having plenty of fun playing around with my new camera – still so much to learn though! Here are some photos that I have taken/processed recently:

New Glasses!

Check out my new specs! ^^ They are a different look from my old glasses and provide a little more coverage. I love the colors in the stems. I decided to go with transition lenses again.


^^ My friends have a Nativity scene on their porch.


^^This is Victoria! It is hard to believe that she is almost 18 now!

Charity (Instagram version), Sonya Ruth Photography workshop, 17 March 2012

This last photo is an older one that I have posted about before and I took it into Instagram for this effect. Instagram has finally come to the Android market! So yay!

I have taken almost 3 rolls of film and I am getting antsy about seeing them developed! Hopefully, I can get that done soon and then share the results. The photos range from photos taken in Richmond to Haymarket to Charlottesville! I took a few film photos of a young toddler girl today and if they come out, they will be SUPER cute!

It is Easter weekend, which means visiting family and friends! I am sure more photos will be taken as the weekend progresses. If I like any of the photos, you will probably see a few posted here. I also post to my Flickr photostream. Have a wonderful Easter weekend, everyone!

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