frosty Monday morning

I think my posts have a lot rambling, but this one may be more so since I am half asleep … Monday morning, my housemate had gone to campus and texted me telling me to go outside and look at the frost. I was half awake since it was mid-morning and I had planned to sleep in before work. I looked out the window at the ground, but only saw a mostly melted area. Then about half an hour later she texted me again. I eventually rolled out of bed and went outside with my point-and-shoot. And found out what all the excitement was about. Almost everything was covered in thick spicky frost. It almost looked like snow and the sky was bright blue. Gorgeous. So I meandered trying to figure out what to do. I ended up walking to the big park down the road that is just short of a mile away. There were only a couple people out and it was so serene.

Here are some photos from that morning:

Within the last couple of months (which were rather idle months on my part), WordPress has updated some features. When I took a closer look at the photo uploader/gallery option, I found some ways to display photos that I had not seen before. There is the option I included in this post as well as a slideshow. So that solves the photo posting problem.

I am glad to have put my camera to use! I have half a roll of film left in my Canon film camera… hmmm…

Some days no one reads my posts, which is okay. This blog is my photo journal and readers are just a bonus. It is good to be able to look back and see the different phases I have gone through and to be able to learn from the past. Hopefully, I am making progress in ability and technique. I would like to someday be a professional photographer. I mean, that is the idea anyway.

Time for bed! [Face plant] Zzzzz….

What are your thoughts on today's post?

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