Don’t you ever wonder?

So I have barely picked up my DSLR and film SLR lately… which is rather sad really. I have been thinking that I will start up a project again that I did over a year go. The project is entirely based on showing personality and it is inspired by Sam Jones’ book, The Here and Now. I would really like to continue this project. It was a good challenge and the original project did generate some compelling photos. So if you’re interested in participating, give me a holler. I can meet you if you live in the Harrisonburg, Staunton, or Charlottesville area. The project is a lot of fun. Here are a few examples of photos from the project:




In other news, I am trying to figure out how to properly embed a Flickr photo slideshow. I have not mastered it yet – maybe my flash player software needs to be updated? A slideshow would make for shorter posts and easier photo viewing. It is a wonder this was not thought of sooner.

Some time last fall, a contact of mine within in the university had told me of an upcoming photography job opening that would be posted mid to late January, but I have not heard from him about it even though I emailed him on January 25th. At this point, I am really disappointed because I had really hoped to apply for the position. It would be a great way to boost experience and my resumé. I still have some hope that it may open up and such though. Some times things take longer than expected. I know I ought to be more proactive about applying for photography jobs, but at the moment life decisions for 2012 are a bit complicated. I will look into internships…. maybe join NPPA?

The decisions I make this year in regards to work and where I choose to live may have a profound affect on where I go in life. I may look back in ten years and be thankful or regretful.

Don’t you ever wonder
Maybe if things had been slightly different
You could be somebody else
Don’t you wonder maybe
If you took a left turn
Instead of taking a right
You could be somebody different
DMB lyrics

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