breathing room

Fall always seems to show up in a hurry and flash you quick with its colors; then they’re gone and winter is upon you. Last weekend, I joined my grandpa and my parents out at my grandpa’s cabin. The leaves are almost all gone out there – beech, witch hazel, oak, sycamore, and poplar are among the only colorful trees left. Fall colors are just now passing their peak in Harrisonburg. I always love spending a weekend out at the cabin, because it is really liberating to be out of reach of everyday life. The cabin only has very basic electricity powered by a solar panel (only a couple of lights) and there is no running water in the buildings. The main water source is the creek that runs by, which we boil for household use. It is my favorite place to hike and find some peace. No phone service, no internet, no traffic… just freedom. There are many FB albums with photos from my trips out there.

So anyway, I took some digital and some film photos. I had a waterproof disposable film camera that I had bought a couple years ago and then couldn’t find for a long time. I took it just to kinda use it up and finally give it a purpose.

Below are a few of the underwater photos:

This last underwater photo may be my favorite of the 15 or so that came out. In the twenty-two years I have known this creek, I do not know if I have ever had this vantage point – even when I would go swimming in the deepest parts. It is a new frontier.

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