Photoshoot with Jessica

So the other day, my friend, Jessica, and I went to explore the abandoned area of Chesapeake Avenue with my camera in hand. There are about three buildings I know of there that are boarded up – one is a mill, one is an old railroad station, and another seems to have been a warehouse. At least two of the three, do not seem to be used at all and I wonder how they remain standing when some commercial business could be using the property. Could it be an indication of Harrisonburg’s economy? It is true that downtown has its fair share of empty store fronts. Or perhaps we could entertain a conspiracy theory instead (just for kicks). The road on which these buildings sit also has the JMU art studio, artWorks Gallery, and Monger lumber as well as train tracks, nooks and crannies, a polluted creek, graffiti, plenty of poison ivy, etc.

We arrived there late afternoon, and managed to have a fair amount of light even though the hilly terrain here often causes engulfing shadows. We took advantage of the aging textures and colorful graffiti for backdrops. Here below are some of the photos:


Above: Jessica stood between the two ceramic silos that flank the abandoned poultry feed mill.


Above: Behind her is one of the many graffiti-graced train cars.


Above: This is part of the extension that comes off the back of the abandoned railroad station.

There Is No Love

Abandoned Silos




Although, I am sure I would get a stern look from my mom, I would love to get inside of these abandoned buildings to learn more of their history and secrets. (I am known for my curiosity…) I am neither stupid or brave enough to trespass into unstable buildings that have plenty of rusting metal, rotten wood, broken glass, etc…. but would it not be amazing?

More to come in future posts: photoshoot with a college senior, possibly more cabin/hiking photos, update about what I plan to do with my life in the near future, etc.

If you have a moment, take a gander at my last post about my photoshoot/fun trip up at Carter Mountain Orchard. It did not post to my Facebook profile, so whoever still reads my blog, may have missed that update.

Feedback and constructive criticism are always welcome.

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