If you are interested to see any photos I have worked on lately, see my Flickr page. I won’t be posting any photos in this post, because I am not using my laptop.

Large Format class: I have finished shooting. I have 11 negatives waiting to be printed. My theme for my final project is historical buildings and graves displayed in a 2×2 grid (storyboard). It’s been an awesome class actually. A lot of my classmates seem to have issues with light leaks, thin negatives, etc. I have been fortunate. All of the negatives I have shot, have come out well. I have only had minor issues such as a negative not being centered right in the carrier at times or a couple of surface scratches. It seems a lot of students don’t care for darkroom/film work, but I think that rises out of frustration. I love it, but that could be because I hardly have problems.

Advanced Color class: I finally ordered my personality photo project book from Blurb. I went to finish it up last night and order it only to find out I had made it in the wrong format! What a nightmare. It worked out okay in the end. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to sleep until 5am. It was rough, but I didn’t stress out too bad. Two weeks until our exhibit in the Smith House downtown opens. I have good hopes for it. It’s definitely going to be a visual stimuli overload.

No current commissions/clients. Hope to have more soon though – both to gain experience and to earn money.

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