Walkabout: Continued

I get really restless when I am stuck in routine and buildings. I would be shooting these things despite this digital class assignment, because when I get restless, I get out, and I get out with my camera. So in a way, I am enjoying this assignment, because I get to do what I love AND get credit for what I come up with. These photos are from yesterday and today.

I didn’t know what type of goose this was until I looked her up – it is a Greylag. Apparently, they are really territorial and aggressive. This girl did make her presence known through honking, but she was more curious about me than threatened. She came waddling over with maybe 20-30 ducks to give a look over. But I talked to her and made sure never to threaten the birds. They let me photograph them and I enjoyed the time observing their personalities.

I flipped this image over just because I think it is so interesting this way. It almost looks painterly.

I am not sure what the little girl wanted, but I liked the body language of her and the others in the photo.

This store has massive amounts of furniture and it makes for an intricate maze where chair legs and narrow passageways that grab you and make you contort to pass through.

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