One of my current photo projects for my classes is going around a town and taking in the sensory information there. Since I am in Harrisonburg during the time frame, I am exploring Black’s Run, local bookstores and consignment shops, as well as eateries, etc. Today, I drove downtown after my last class with my digital camera in hand. I think I captured some really interesting images. Photoshop is not a program I regularly work with and I actually have a resentment towards it, because I feel like you should be taking excellent photos already that don’t need doctoring. So none of these photos have been photoshopped in any manner.

I was attracted to all the water dripping off of rooftops from the melting snow. I loved the resulting ripples in the creek (even if the creek is highly polluted and smells like something defecated.

The lines in this image are really intriguing to me. The juxtaposition of materials and hues.

An earlier project this semester got me interested in meters, so when I came across a meter downtown, I decided to photograph it from different angles. I am particularly attracted to this image because of the reflection of the bricks in the glass and just the composition in general.

The filter I have on my lens created different affects with the reflection and the sunlight, but I chose this one to work with because it really brought out the clouds and the blue sky against the red brick.

I love exfoliating bark – it is dynamic.

Part of the time, I was really interested in shadows as well as reflections. In this image, I wanted to capture the vivid difference between the red building and the blue sky as well as the pole and its shadow.

As I said before, none of these photos have been photoshopped. I was walking down the street and caught a glimpse of this puddle and had to back track a bit to capture the reflection the way I wanted it to appear.

On my way back to my house, I was driving and had to pull over and park quickly before I missed this place. It is an abandoned mill. I wish I could see into its roll in the community over the years and the lives of the workers that used to work there.

What are your thoughts on today's post?

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