Out on a Limb

Life is no less complicated, messy, or expensive… a January storm took out half of my cherry tree, I’ve adopted a dog, I continue to see medical providers, and I have had a new heat pump and water heater installed in my house. The benefit of having my dog is that she is helping me with my arthritis and I am getting more exercise. She is helping me stay out of the specialist’s office, but somehow I still ended up with a big visit — stitches at a local ED in March! I am dreading that bill.

I hope to make use of this blog (I know, I know — I’ve said such things before). I have four rolls of undeveloped film that really, really need to be processed before they get much older. I just dread the cost of development and scanning. (Someone hold me accountable?)

I’ll leave you here with two spring photos taken with my phone while out walking.

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