Dear World,

What in tarnation is going on?!



At some point I will share the roll of film that I took in Roanoke and Williamsburg and maybe I will even get to this year’s film. In all fairness, life is a bit crazier than usual. We are in the throws of a global pandemic, mandatory social distancing, and economic decline. What can one do but Keep Calm and Carry On?

This past weekend, I enjoyed a weekend trip to a remote place in the mountains with my sister. We took several walks, enjoyed looking for critters, and even tried our hand at art. She has recently given me two palates of watercolors as well as paper. I am really trying to revive my artistic side as it got buried over the years. Below is a piece I did with watercolor and ultra fine pen.

painting of a bird house on a tree

What are some things you are hoping to do while stuck at home? Two of my goals are to create more art and learn ASL via YouTube. I also hope to gather up more donations (extra clothing, household items, etc). Leave a comment below with what you hope to achieve!



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