Summer Tidings

The next three months are going to have a lot of change going on! There are many things that may change or adjust and I think they will mostly be good. In a matter of weeks, I will be joining a team from church on our annual trip to Honduras to visit Pastor Flavio and his ministry. Many of you may remember my posts about last year’s trip. This year will be different and similar at the same time. Each year is a bit different according to the ministry’s needs and who attends, but we will be going to the same place to stay and eat.

I feel better prepared for this trip and how to prevent some of the health mishap that was a consequence of a new place. I’ll definitely be curbing my intake of ice and fruit! And take better care with how I position myself at bedtime so my shoulder/back pain doesn’t flare up. I hope for good health and safety for this year’s team.

I am confident that God has some great things planned for the hearts involved in our trip, both in our team and in Honduras. I am also confident that He is at work in my life and is preparing a future for me that is better than what I can see with my short-sighted knowledge. I will trust in Him and the lessons he lays before me. Part of the change coming will likely be new employment and a new residence. It is something I have been working towards and praying over. Time for change is at hand and I hope that God will see me through the new opportunities. My fatigue is evident. The past two years has been so eye-opening and educational – I have been exactly where I was meant to be and I hope to take the lessons learned forward into a new chapter. Now onto some garden talk!

// \\ // \\ Random garden tip: If you’re a serious gardener, invest in the right tools. My favorite pruners are made by Felco.

Since I last wrote about my own garden spaces, I have added lots of plants! I threw down some carrot seeds between plants, planted four more tomato plants to make up for the lost ones. I also threw down basil and nasturtium seeds. My garden-to-kitchen plants this year now add up to: broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, zucchini, cantaloupe, basil, rosemary, and nasturtium. This year’s flowerbed additions include a salvia variety, alyssum, dusty miller, poppies, delphinium, and creeping phlox.

The new tomatoes are Cherokee Purple from Milmont Greenhouses in Stuart’s Draft. I am curious to see how they come out! I lost both of my black cherry tomato plants to the deer (which was a huge disappointment since they are so delicious). The Cherokee Purple ones are full-sized tomatoes that can be enjoyed sliced. My tomato plant count is now around seven or eight – so I am sure there will be enough harvest this year for the squirrels/birds and my family.

Thank you for visiting today! Have a great week!

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