Things Require A Seed To Start

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This post is not necessarily about gardening or photography. It is springtime and I have been SO busy! Read on for an update on where life is headed.

And boy, have the expenses piled up. My car had to be repaired, I had to find new shoes for work, monthly bills, and I need knew glasses. A company’s fraud department caught a bogus charge to my credit account and we cancelled the transaction in time. Yikes! I am also planning for a trip with my church in June that will be partly or mostly out-of-pocket. You may remember my posts last summer featuring Honduras digital and 35mm film photos – we are returning to see Flavio and his community. Our church has worked with him for a few years now and our youth pastor’s sister actually married Flavio’s son. We are all really looking forward to the trip and to ministering to him family as well as his community.

In other news, by the time that this blog post publishes, I will have visited the Master Gardener plant sale downtown and will hopefully be home with some vegetables. I visited the plant sale last year and had success with my purchases. My day lilies have come up again and I hope they will flower this year. My dahlia is poking up through the soil for the third time (seems pretty resilient considering I have been rough with it). I am hoping that this year, we can fend off the squirrels from our tomatoes and vegetables better than laster year. What sort of things do you hope to grow this year in your yard or garden?

[holds up hand] I know some of you are thinking, “What about ‘Sarah Derr Photography’?” I still technically have it, own it, file a monthly return on it…. but it is seriously hard to focus on building an independent small business when I am working three other jobs and not making enough surplus income to really advertise or brand that business. I am, however, hoping to attend an upcoming job fair with my best possible game face, a handful of resumes, and a sincere prayer for a new direction in life. I am not a business owner type…. just the idea of a tax form, the insurance bill, or a letter from the local Treasury office gives me palpitations. I love learning the craft and history of photography, but please someone do the business and legal part of it for me!

So much thanks to those of you who come and read my blog! I hope you will be able to enjoy our wonderful spring weather and that you’ll continue to stick by me over the coming months.

The photo banner at the beginning of this post is a collage of several images I have shared to Instagram this year. If you’d like to follow my profile, find me @ theyllknowbyourlove.

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