Exploring Streets and Sunshine

This past weekend, I ventured once again to the land of the tourists and history (i.e. DC). My college roommate and I explored the city’s blooms and sights on Saturday and Sunday. I had asked for the weekend off from work, because I needed to recoup from being sick and working almost every day for a couple of weeks. I was stressed out! It was a great break and we definitely were able to enjoy some sunshine. We took the Metro into the downtown area and explored some of the gardens around the Mall after lunch on Saturday. I went into the main Smithsonian building for the first time… the FIRST TIME. I have been to DC many times and I have never been into the main castle-looking building. It was neat. I liked the high ceiling exhibit room that was like a cathedral. There were quite a few flowering plants behind there in the different gardens that were beautiful to behold and smell.

Can anyone tell me what kind of tree is below? I am not sure I have seen this type in bloom before!


A friend of my friend met up with us and we got dinner downtown and then went to watch the new Captain America movie at the theater beside the Verizon Center. I thought the movie was great! On Sunday, we slept in and got lunch from Potbelly’s. We took our lunch with us back down to the Mall and explored around the cherry blossom area. We picnicked on the basin under the trees across from the Jefferson memorial.

Before I left to go home, we met up with another one of my former roommates for a picnic of ice cream and french fries. It was good to catch up with friends over the weekend! I am really glad the weather cooperated and was sunny. I had fun not thinking about work for a couple of days and giving my zoom lens a bit more use. For the most part, I shoot with a 50mm, because it is what I am used to and love. But it was also good to throw in some variety with the zoom lens.

You may have noticed that my photos this time look a bit different than usual. I tried a new custom preset that I made and I like how it makes the images look a bit like film. To see more from the trip, the images above are linked to a gallery and clicking on them will take you there. Every once in a while, I will shoot in film, because I love the thoughtfulness and the unique qualities of a film photograph. I am hoping to take film again again with me this summer on my trip to Honduras.

Thank you for stopping by today! I hope you enjoyed the springtime photos. If you are interested in following along, there is a Follow By Email option in the right sidebar.

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