“Try This!” Thursday

Well, I have been a bit MIA on the blog the past week or so…. wintertime is a relatively slow time for outdoor lifestyle photographers and there have been a few time-consuming commitments. The theme for this week’s “Try This!” post is thankfulness. What are you thankful in your life? Your career? Family? Pets? Snow on the lawn? A warm cup of coffee? Consider what you love and enjoy each day in your life and pick up a camera. Take a moment to capture an image of what you are thank for and keep this image in sight to remind you (either order a print, keep it on your phone’s background, or share it online). A joyful heart is encouraged by thankfulness and sharing love. Remember to take images of beloved family and friends.

What are you thankful for today?

I am especially thankful for life lessons from the men in my family (my grandfather, my uncles, and my dad). One of the most important lessons: work hard, love much, and stay active. Practice this and you will live a long and rewarding life.


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