Maria & Brian {Holiday Portraits}

Last Friday evening, between Brian getting off work and nightfall, the three of us drove over to the last bit of sunlight on a hill near Crozet, Virginia. We did a somewhat impromptu holiday portrait mini session! The Christmas trees being there was a nice surprise. We caught the very last few rays of sunlight for these images.

Maria is my best friend from high school, from freshman year! We’ve known each other for almost 11 years. She is actually a local professional videographer for White Griffin Media. Brian is teaching at a local school. Brian and Maria have been dating for over four years now, I believe. They met during college and got to initially know each other during a semester abroad in Austria. Now they are both living in central Virginia pursuing their careers.


Thank you to my friends for humoring me and helping me expand my portfolio. I hope to continue working with couples in the new year.

A reminder to those of you Christmas shopping, if you book a portrait session by the end of the year for either December or January, it is 15% off my current prices. Due to my day job and Christmas being next week, I may not be able to book a session this late in December, but I can certainly offer availability in January. Use the contact tab above to get in touch!

Thank you all for visiting my blog today! I wish you a very merry Christmas.

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