“Try This!” Thursday

It is time again for another “Try This!” post (after, you know, a hiatus). Have you tried the wintertime craft of cutting out snowflakes? Instead of construction or computer paper, try a lightweight paper and grab a small pair of scissors! Tracing, tissue, and wax papers are possibilities for this craft. Lightweight papers will let you get more detailed snowflakes. My family hang some on our Christmas tree every year. We have also hung them in our windows before.


A search through Pinterest will give you all sorts of variations – including intricate 3D flakes! Simpler ideas include using glitter, decoupaging snowflakes onto candle votives, stringing them into garlands, hanging them from the ceiling or an archway, and gifting them in your Christmas cards. Paper snowflakes are kid-friendly and good for decorating on a small budget.

It is hard to believe that Christmas is in two weeks! Happy holiday season to everyone!

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