“Try This!” Thursday

I’ve just realized I have missed a couple of “Try This!” Thursday posts and so I am posting this one live! My life is oh-so-crazy right now. Here are a couple of ideas for you today:

1. Visit a local brewery. Ask about questions! How does it work? Where do they get their supplies? And if they have have a restaurant, grab some good food and a beer sampler.

2. Visit Greenleaf Park or another local park. This is for our little C’villians. Feeling hot this week and want to get the kids out of the house? Grab your bathing suits and visit the little waterpark at Greenleaf while the city still has the water running. Or maybe explore the trails at Penn Park or down at the Greenbelt by the river.

3. Visit your local library. Did you know you can check out magazines and CDs from the library for free? Did you know you can often find computers to use there as well as the usual book selection? Some libraries even have community events such as storytelling for kids, local music, and sales.

I have to run off in a few for my day job, so I have to keep this brief, but I want to share that I will be posting a *Sneak Peak!* on Saturday from Heather’s family portrait session. Stay tuned!

What are your thoughts on today's post?

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