*Sneak Peek* Adventures!

This past Saturday morning, I joined a friend for trip to the city farmer’s market and on a hike up Carter Mountain on the Thomas Jefferson Parkway trails. We enjoyed exploring the fresh produce stands and hiking a couple of miles on an overcast morning. I never really thought about how many different types of eggplant there are…. have you? There are light purple ones, blackish-purple ones, white ones, variegated ones, little ones, big ones… one vendor had “fairytale” mini variegated ones. They looked like they belonged in an illustrated children’s book!

And yes, I know there are peppers behind the eggplant in this photo. I loved these variegated eggplants and ate one in a cooked sauce-like dish over spaghetti noodles Saturday night. My recipe had garlic, onion, and eggplant I bought at the market in addition to diced tomatoes and basil. The tomatoes came from a can, because I did not realize that I had eaten all of my own ripe garden tomatoes. The basil came from my flower bed. It was a good dish – although, I think I might choose a larger onion next time and also cut down the eggplant into smaller cubes.

(c) Sarah Derr Photography
(c) Sarah Derr Photography

This is just a Sneak Peek for more photos to come! I hope to share on Wednesday more photos from the city market. Thank you for stopping by and your interest in my post.

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