*Sneak Peek!* Honduras film is coming!

I bought a refurbished Epson Perfection v500 Photo scanner from the Epson website last week and it arrived in the mail Monday afternoon! I could not bring myself to use my old “film scanner” and then put way too much time in correcting the awful job that old thing does. So I bring to you, a sneak peak into what is to come. It took hours to scan in all of my film (this is not unusual even with a better scanner), but at least rewarding images were found along the way! The film photographs did not all come out as I had hoped and I am having to put more editing time than I anticipated – which may mean I end up sharing just the very best photos.

>> I know that some of my readers may be tempted to save these images to their phone, laptop, tablet or other electronic device, and I ask that you please don’t. These images are for my business portfolio and as such, are very valuable to me. In order to maintain their integrity and value, I do not want any unauthorized digital or print copies made. Thank you! <<

Honduras 35mm film: Neighbor

Honduras 35mm film: Family

Honduras 35mm film: Joel

Thank you for stopping by to check out my Honduras *sneak peek*. Please return in a few days to see more Honduras film photos! (I am excited!)


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