DC in Black and White: Part II

A couple of months ago, I spent the weekend in the DC area visiting a friend and shot off several frames of 35mm film. We rode the Metro, visited Eastern Market, the Library of Congress, part of Alexandria, and meandered around. There is a row house bookstore in Eastern Market just jammed full of books, books, and more books. I have included here some photos from the bookstore.

I recently developed the first four rolls of film from this year. To see more images from the DC area, you can find them in this previous post: DC in Black and White: Part I.

Here are today’s images:

35mm film: Glass Bricks 2

35mm film: Flea Market 2

35mm film: Flea Market 1

35mm film: Browsing

35mm film: Books

35mm film: Reader

35mm film: Character 35mm film: Kathy

35mm film: Masonic Temple

35mm film: Glass Bricks 1

35mm film: Glass Bricks 3


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