Pumpkins & Apples at Carter Mountain Orchard

Imagine a dusty winding road. The dust billows out behind your car as you bump along the gravel and holes. Soon you come out from under the trees into the full sun, you round the last curve to the left, and the skyline opens up for miles to the east and to the west. You have reached the top of Carter Mountain. A vineyard is on your left and a orchard sprawls over the mountain top to your right. It is a hot afternoon and you have your air conditioning running on one of the last days in October. You find your parking spot in one of the gravel lanes and join the throngs of people milling around the barn. There are apples, pumpkins, doughnuts, and more to choose from. You touch the skins of the Albemarle Pippin apples and contemplate their lopsided shape as you squint in the sunshine….

Here are various images from my time at Carter Mountain Orchard:

Pumpkin, Square 2 Pumpkin, Square 1


Apple Crate at Carter Mountain Orchard Pumpkin Stem

Pumpkins & the Barn

Blue Pumpkin

Blue Pumpkins Piled High

Pumpkins of All Shapes Stem

Overlook at Carter Mountain Orchard

Upcoming blog posts: Homemade applesauce recipe & [hopefully] pumpkin carving with my small group!

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