Fall Colors and Family

I am trying to get things done even though I have a cold. Although I am very tempted to hide under my bed covers and pretend I do not feel icky, I want to take some time to share some images from Saturday’s family reunion out in the mountains. Well, half of a family reunion. The other half of the group is meeting in two weeks (seems like it somehow got scheduled that only two young adults came to the first half). The mountains are especially beautiful right now with the leaves changing. It is always interesting to see how different valleys change colors at different times/rates.

I always kinda bounce around between nature and portraits. I have an affinity for both. Now that I am shooting with a Mark II, everything out in the mountains is fresh material once again. I have been out there maybe a hundred times in my life, but there is always something new to see, to love, to share. It was also good practice to take some portraits too.


Dad and Mom

Lunch Spread

Relatives 6

Eating Lunch


Men Conversing

Liquid Glass

Creek in the Fall 3

The Places We Will Go


Floating On The Surface

Soft Water

Out and About



Over The Edge

Splash 6

Splash 1

Two incredible individuals.

Uncle Richard and Grandpa


Fall Maple Leaves 2


Fall's Visitors

Creek in the Fall 2

I am planning to go back out to the mountains soon and so I will have more fall mountain images to share in the near future. Thank you for reading!

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