Rainstorms and special editing.

As many Eastern seaboard residents know, we have been getting all sorts of storms as of late in the different regions. Tropical storms in the south and this afternoon we are expecting “violent storms” in the Commonwealth. The noontime news announced a risk of large hail and a possible tornado. I had work this morning out at the farm and we got ambushed by a heavy downpour about 11am.

Now onto photo-related talk (the main purpose of this blog):

The photo below was well-received on Facebook. I do not usually play around with dramatic editing, so I thought I might discuss today how I came about these colors.

Charity Playing the Guitar

The four main steps I followed were applying an Instagram-inspired Photoshop action and then tweaking the curves, contrast, and levels until I found an attractive balance between highlights/shadows and reds/blues. The yellow-tinted highlights are part of the Photoshop action. I did not design this particular action, but I think if I had, I might have made it so that it did not have such a yellow influence on the above image. As for the yellow in the photo below, the wall behind Charity was already a warm color. The main thing, about the photo above and the one below, that I like is the reds and blues.

Charity With Sunflowers

Now below is something a bit different. I liked both versions of this image of Jessica, so I paired them together.

Jessica (Comparison Spread)

So I  got distracted halfway through this post…. go figure. Since I wrote the beginning, we had another heavy downpour with lightning and thunder. Now the sun is out. Am I back in Costa Rica??? I wish.


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